Kristin and Willie’s Wedding Highlights 9-29-12

Over the years I photographed many special events for the Grahmann and Janecka families… The Janecka boys in little league and their high school portraits and Kristen and her sisters’ senior portraits and the weddings of the two older sisters, Renee and Roxanne!  I grew up with Willie’s mom Catherine (Holub) Janecka, attending Catholic school with her for 8 years and then graduating together from Weimar High School.  I was pretty excited when I found out that Willie was buying my old studio property located just outside of Weimar from another couple I had previously sold it to.  I knew he would surely take great care of it and turn the location into something great…. I haven’t seen what he’s done but I hear it’s fabulous…

So… When Kristen called me to photograph her wedding I was more than happy to accommodate them.  Both the Grahmanns and the Janeckas are very special families.  I had a tough time narrowing down my picks but I put together some of the wedding highlights from Kristen and Willie’s Wedding which was held in Weimar at St. Michael’s Catholic Church on 9/29/12…

To see all of the images go to this link...

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