St. Mary’s High Hill Church Wedding – Dawna and Clayton

Remember the 3 winter days we had in 2017 in Texas?  Well, Clayton and Dawna were married on one of those days!  There was a bit of sun but the temperature considering the wind chill was about 20 degrees…. way too cold for this Texas girl!  I forget how many layers of clothing I had on.

It’s a great thing that the church they were married in was so amazing.  St. Mary’s Catholic Church in High Hill, Texas in one of the painted churches.  The architecture there is just breathtaking so it was the perfect spot for an incredible winter wedding.

Their reception at the Schulenburg KC Hall was beautiful.  Between dinner and the grand march and dancing we snuck away for 12 minutes (Dawna timed it) and grabbed some super fast shots near Sengelmann hall where they still had Christmas lights strung.  As the couple sat in my Equinox with the heater blasting, we got all situated with the lighting.  When I gave them the word they ran out for some quick shots.  Clayton did a great job of keeping his bride warm.

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