La Grange Children’s Photography – Elyse


One of the things I LOVE most about children’s photography is the fact that you get to play!  When you surround a child with things they love it makes it so easy.

For Elyse’s 3 year session mom thought for a while on what she would like to do.  She is quite the organized planner!  After conversations back and forth she decided to just let her play with the things she loves.  To add in a little accent I brought my fun tent decorated with some flowers.  From her shop she gathered up some more flowers and other accents that would personalize the session.  It was windy and the tent fell over a couple times but other than that she had an amazing time just playing with her babies and all the other things that she loves right now.  Watching her with those babies made me realize what a great mom she will be someday.  She takes that job pretty seriously!

After lots of fun with all that stuff, we went out to a field of yellow flowers nearby and let her play some more.  The bubbles were a big hit especially with the wind.

I can’t even stress enough what an amazing pleasure it has been to capture these priceless moments for her parents and family.  As she continues to grow they will have so many fond memories to look back on.  These memories will no doubt be a huge part of the history of her childhood.  I am definitely going have to create an album to include all the wonderful memories.


Watch the video below to see even more of her session!


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