La Grange Newborn Photography – Jameson

Capturing the newborn session was very important to Deanne and her husband and because of a pretty scary sequence of events, doing that was a lot more difficult to pull off than for most!

Just hours before Jameson’s arrival, big brother Jackson was diagnosed with strep throat so there was that… Then mom went into premature labor (about 3 weeks early) and baby Jameson arrived in less than an hour at a local hospital, not the one he was supposed to be born at.  As soon as he arrived mom spiked a fever and tested positive for the flu.

If that wasn’t enough, baby Jameson was having difficulty breathing so they flew him to nearby big city hospital to be admitted into NICU.  I can only imagine all this left mom and dad wondering, “what the heck just happened”.

Well, all’s well that ends well!   Mom recovered quickly as did Jackson and Jameson was probably the healthiest baby in the NICU!  Capturing this special time was so very important to the family that they all came into the studio just twelve days after the crazy ride began and we had a fabulous session!

Jameson was an absolute angel and his sweet big sisters took excellent care of their three year old brother so we could focus on some special shots with all five of them.

Let’s just say I hope and pray that the excitement is over and they are enjoying their short lived time with their precious newborn.  Before you know it he will be running and playing with his siblings.



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