Makenzie – Sealy High School Senior

Makenzie and her mom traveled to La Grange from Sealy which is about 30 to 45 minutes away…. She wanted some natural areas for her Senior session and some beautiful lighting.  We got lucky on both things.  For a while the sun was hiding but when it finally popped out we were able to use a variety of lighting techniques to get a lot of different shots.

I love available light when it’s right but I’m not afraid to use some off camera flash when I need to or when I want to bring out the beautiful sky and not end up with a yucky blown out white sky.  Really?  Who likes white skies?  Not me!  I am pretty sure that’s not what God intended!!!






On this shot, the sun went behind some clouds so I was able to flip Makenzie around and shoot up the hill into the beautiful spring flowers.



I am not a huge fan of trendy special effects in my photography because they can really date the photos but occasionally certain shots really lend themselves to their application.


Senior portraits are really great in the springtime and the fall…

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