Summer Minis

Summertime is busy!  I know this.  I have lived it!

Instead of pigeon holing these SUMMERTIME minis into a tiny window, I am spreading them out over a week or so and plan to have more, different options after mid July.

All sessions are $75 plus tax for a 10 minute session for up to 4 kids from the same family.  The $75 will go towards professional prints that start at $15.  About a week or two after the session you will “spend” your $75 as you wish in an online ordering gallery and with EACH different image you order from you will receive that MATCHING digital image sized for printing up to 8×10’s.  Got it?  That means you get professional prints AND digital files!!!  I want you to have awesome prints from my sessions and not be forced to go out and figure out how to print them yourself and then end up with badly cropped and poorly printed images.  Families are NOT included in this promotion.

This week (Tuesday, June 25th through Saturday, June 29th) I am offering three different choices…

Your session includes ONE of the following options.  You choose which you prefer at the time of booking.

The first is just a basic session on a white backdrop in my studio to really showcase your child (or children) with simple props or no props at all.


The next option is in the studio where it is COOL so it can really be anytime during the day or evening.  It revolves around ice cream so it can be simple or have some ice cream props (or both)



My final option will revolve around the watermelon and coca cola theme and will be outside later in the evening after 6 pm because you know it’s just too darn hot these days!


Please email me at or call me at 979-968-5097 to schedule your session.

A $35 deposit is due at time of booking with the balance including tax on the day of your session.  Think about your favorite option and your children’s nap times before you reach out to me so we can choose the very best time of day for your session.

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