Family Portraits – The Fritsch Family

I photograph the Fritsch grandchildren every year for the Christmas cards and this year everyone managed to come together for a great big family photo. Schedules are always crazy in a large family but this family made it a priority and got it done!  The weather even cooperated.  Our original choice of location was flooded with all the rain we have gotten recently so we came up with a different spot at the last minute.  Since some of the children are quite young we only had a small window to catch everyone at their best. I always get asked about … Continue reading Family Portraits – The Fritsch Family

Hallettsville Children’s Photography – Peyton is One

I am so honored to have had the chance to watch Peyton grow this first year… I have know Laura and Carl for a really long time.  I photographed Laura as a little girl in her cute outfits at my old studio in Weimar many times as she was growing up, photographed Laura and Carl’s wedding and now continue to work with them as a young family. I just adore the one year sessions.  They are usually quite fast moving with lots of chasing, positioning and repositioning of the one year old and usually quite a few silly antics from … Continue reading Hallettsville Children’s Photography – Peyton is One